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Troop London

Troop London are one of the UK’s leading brands when it comes to canvas bags. James Walker Bags are an official supplier of Troop London bags. You can shop here and buy a range of bags from this leading brand of canvas bags. Originally founded in 2004, the range of Troop London bags focuses on combining style and functionality. Since 2004, the Troop London bag collection has increases with a number of new styles, colours and finishes being added to the range.

What range of canvas bags do Troop London have available? Troop have invested a great deal of money, time and effort into trying to design a range of canvas bags which are stylish yet functional. They have, over time, expand their range into the following styles:

  • Messenger bags
  • Backpacks
  • Cross body
  • Satchels
  • Waist bags
  • Weekend bags
  • Wallets
  • Shoppers

All the above styles are available for both men and women, and in some cases are unisex. There are specific styles within the range of Troop London messenger, backpacks and weekend bags which have been specifically made for women with the bags being much smaller than the men’s equivalent.

What collections do Troop London have? Over time, Troop London have developed their collections and have firmly established these. The range of bags are split over the following collections:

Each of the collections have their own unique look and feel. The best selling collection is by far the Troop London Classic range. This range was the first set of designs and styles that Troop came out with and have continued to sell well over the years.

Who should by a Troop London Bag? In essence, this range of bags is mainly for anyone who is looking for a stylish bag which is functional and covers their everyday need. These bags have multiple pockets, enclosures and straps which allow belongings to be stored safely without compromising style. Troop have done a fantastic job in expanding their range to cover both men and women. However a number of bags are unisex which means both men and women can have the same bag.

What are the best selling Troop London bags for men? The best seller without any question is the Troop London canvas messenger range of bags. The product references are TRP0241, TRP0207 and TRP0210. These canvas messenger bags are not only spacious but they are also lightweight. This is be perfect combination especially when there are many things to pack. The canvas messenger make a perfect day bag and is suitable for both work and casual use.

And what about best selling Troop London bags for women? There is a fantastic range of Troop bags that have been created specifically for women. However, the best sellers are by far and away the cross body satchels TRP0210, TRP0212, TRP0219 and the canvas weekend bag TRP0263. There are also a range of backpacks for women which are also great – again, they are spacious without being overly big. The best selling Troop London backpack for women is TRP0269.

Are there any Troop London discount codes? With such a well-established brand such as Troop London and prices being so competitive, it is highly unlikely that you will find any discount codes for the Troop London range of bags. However, from time to time, there will be some items that may be discounted in price that you will find within our sale section.   

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